We can attempt to teach the things that I might imagine the Earth would teach us: Silence, humility, holiness, connectedness, courtesy, beauty, celebration, giving, restoration, obligating and wildness.  –David Orr (

Nature’s Child Global Classroom  for 6 to 17 year- old adds an element essential to the increasingly popular nature-based education global effort. Rooted in ecopsychology, neuroscience, eco-art healing, and Guy Murchie’s 17-year research of sensory perception, it was created to expand and create deep relationship between the younger learner, Mother Nature and all living beings.

Nature’s Child Global Classroom promotes peace. With the purpose of creating understanding and peace among all beings, each participating class/group is teamed up with a compatible “partner” class/group having a language in common, possibly located in another country or culture. In the original format, individual classes/groups meet once a week to perform their exercises in a natural area, create nature-art and share with each other. They are accompanied by one or more teachers, parents or responsible adults. Classmates learn to identify and develop a healthy relationship with Mother Nature through increasing awareness of the 32+ natural senses. During this 15-week period, at the agreed time once a week, the two partnered class/groups meet here in the on-line global classroom to exchange their experiences and learn from each other. This promotes a broader world perspective and healing.

 “Classes” may consist of formal elementary and secondary public or private school classes, local groups by home and un-schoolers, or neighborhood and organization sponsored groups. Learners may be of one age or range between 6 and 17-year old. Each registered class/group’s responsible adult will guide the process at the individual nature site and work in collaboration with their on-line Nature’s Child Mentor to ensure smooth functioning of the two groups in their local and global classroom.  

This class offers young learners the unprecedented opportunity to:

  • Engage in a global learning opportunity that will enhance their life through developing and practicing a deep relationship with Mother Nature and all living beings.

  • Learn to identify the 32+ natural senses as they communicate and relearn the natural laws of nature successfully in effect for eons of time.

  • Discover their authentic self and role in Mother Nature’s sustainable plan.

  • Gain a broad global perspective to encourage viewing their world as Oneness and promote peaceful, harmonious relationships.

  • Learn to become tomorrow’s ethical Earth Avatars.


History and Vision

This endeavor sprang from Connie Giffin’s original global research project: Our Children Our Future 2012-13, earning her MA in Experiential Education at Prescott College. Initially 6 basic groups of essences that underlie the most innovative models’ holistic education framework were revealed.  Second, it was observed that all models functioned far beyond their individual purpose contributing proven grass-roots solutions capable of solving multiple global human created destruction being wrought upon Planet Earth. Her research was published in 2014. Expanding upon this knowledge, further research and recognition of a deep need for a hope-filled future for our children resulted in the creation of Nature’s Child Global Classroom.

Complimentary to most areas of study, Nature’s Child Global Classroom’s nature-based methodology  reintroduces the learner to the 32+ senses inherent in their DNA. Left to Mother Nature’s plan, sensory perceptions accompany each newborn as their instruction manual, guiding them along their journey.  At some fork in the road, the human species disconnected itself from the sustaining natural laws and acquired a perceived sense of superiority over Mother Nature’s eons of wisdom. This event misdirected humanity along a path of waging war and dominance over its cosmically balanced, almost perfectly functioning natural biosphere. Today it threatens destruction of a hope-filled future for our children.

Over the next 5 years, the knowledge from this project and ongoing global research was translated into a resource for education, collaboration, and revitalizing humanity’s role on her Earth Mother. This classroom is the resulting program developed for elementary and secondary level learners.

Our hope for this endeavor is that its value will be recognized by educators, parents, business and political leaders, religious and social organizations who will lend their support. collaborate or partner with us. To positively impact the life direction of younger learners that they may become tomorrow’s Earth Avatars is our goal.