#3 Green School, Bali, Indonesia, Founded by John & Cynthia Hardy in 2008

Located in Bali, Indonesia, Green School is the vision of John and Cynthia Hardy come to life in 2008 when they sold their lucrative jewelry business and   provided an endowment to sustain the school independent of the government. Tuition and property rental provides additional funding security. The school campus and community are architectural wonders created in bamboo in an award winning new biophilic design by a team of local and international architects led by daughter Elora.  This innovative campus literally arose out of the jungle overnight. Green School is a private institution offering kindergarten through secondary level education.  Having high visibility and global appeal, it attracts both international learners and currently 8% local indigenous scholarship students offering a rich cultural exchange and sustainable lifestyle.  Its aim is to nurture students in an ecological learning environment that empowers and inspires them to be creative, innovative green leaders.




Unique in that students at Green School “live” in nature, including their open classrooms, absorbing its valuable lessons naturally, experientially with other students of all heritages. Following an iRespect format, learners develop a love and reverence for all that nature offers, including fellow classmates. Their iRespect format consists of 8 values: integrity, responsibility, empathy, sustainability, peace, equality, community, and trust. Growing rapidly it currently provides a holistic, nature based education.

Founder John Hardy recognized a unique opportunity to create something truly inspiring and “outside of the structural, conceptual, and physical limitations of many traditional schools”. He called upon his guiding principle from his past success in his jewelry business, “to do well by doing good”. From the beginning, John and Cynthia’s approach to business was about making jewelry while being respectful to Bali’s land, its environment, its people and its culture. Their approach to education reflects these same values. 

To learn more visit: http://www.greenschool.org   http://www.ibuku.com