#6 Terra Nova School, Colos, Portugal was founded by Tamara Research Center residents in 2013.

On May 1, 2013, in Colos, Portugal, ten Tamara Research Center young residents launched a worldwide educational platform to serve as a catalyst for global system-change to create a new earth without violence or war. Monthly study packets are provided for groups consisting of five to thirty members and delivered by internet globally. Annual gatherings at various group locations are planned. Within three months of its conception, 100 study groups in 30 countries were formed. Charging no tuition, a small material cost fee may follow. It is currently establishing educational centers around the globe. Supported by Tamara’s founder Peter Duhm, this exuberant and determined group is making giant inroads into reaching a large number of young people instilling in them the concept of living in peace and the means to create a system change to bring the desired result.

As its guiding tenant, the Terra Nova School “establishes international cooperation for the development of a humane form of existence without fear and violence. The school offers education in global consciousness, community building, healing love and creating a realistic utopia for the future. It combines the social, ecological and spiritual knowledge needed to manifest a world based on cooperation, solidarity and trust. It follows a new principle of peace activism – the building of a new information field. War, oppression and destruction originate from a global matrix of violence. It proposes the present world follows the morphogenetic field of war where – the morphogenetic field of peace. This action would be a fundamental system change from the old matrix of violence to a new matrix of trust and cooperation”. To learn more visit: http://www.terra-nova-school.org