The Mother Nature Rocks project was created to provide resources to evolve learners to reconnect with nature, reimage a workable educational system, and  revitalize the planet Earth.

To transform child-like wonder into passionate life purpose

To create intelligent, compassionate, ethical Earth caregivers.

To develop evolved, nature-connected social change innovators.

To change the world through the power and potential of education.


To end all human created destruction upon planet earth, humanity must re-establish its lost biophilic link to Mother Nature who functions almost perfectly and creates no runaway garbage, insanity or war. The reconnection process consists of experientially awakening the 54 natural senses with which every child is born


Creation of an evolved human species requires learners be educated through a holistic model that is relevant to the reality of students now and for the next seven generations. Though ongoing research and experience this site will feature the world’s most innovative models of holistic education. Further for education to be effective it must be made accessible to all of Earth’s learners.


Reinstating harmony between humanity and nature necessitates education must be focused on emerging and existing industries promoting environmental, political, and social sustainability. This site offers a free global classroom where learners reconnect to their biophilic link as the initial step to evolving 700 million humans to a