History of Evolving Vision

The project’s vision materialized over the founder Connie Giffin’s eight years intense research, study, global conversations, and collaborations. It is the evolving concept supported by many dedicated, passionate educators, parents, psychologists, and learners. As an elder and great-grand mother, the founder is passionate about contributing to the creation of a hope-filled future for her progeny and all Earth’s children. To educate our children to again restore life, harmony, and balance to a world led astray by her most intelligent species, is the greatest challenge humanity has faced. To fail is to become extinct. 

In 2012 Giffin traded her financially shaky rocking chair for Greyhound and Global EuroRail passes, hopped across a few ponds, and set out to discover the secret to creating a hope-filled future for our children through education. The two year initial search, traveling to 18 countries and conducting extensive technology aided research originally yielded this “Globe Trotting Granny”15 of the most innovative models of holistic education on earth. 


Connie Giffin: Founder

Connie Giffin: Founder


This website was then created to guide you to the most innovative models of holistic education from around the globe, their contributions to the greater whole or Oneness, and the six essential essences molding their holistic framework revealed by my research. It will go much further. It will open the door to changing the world through a holistic, nature-based educational program that is a key element in resolving all human created destruction wrought upon Mother Earth and robbing our children of a hope-filled future. This key opens to the 32+ natural senses with which all humans  arrived on Mother Earth and establishes deep healthy biophilic connected relationships between humanity, Mother Nature, and all living beings. Set in a holistic framework the model and emergent methodology provide today and future learners the means to emerge as a new species of ethical earth caregivers capable of restoring the blue planet to harmony and creating a hope-filled future for the next 7 generations.

Photo credit:  Connie Giffin , Our Children Our Future Research Project Travel Log

Photo credit: Connie Giffin, Our Children Our Future Research Project Travel Log